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Bad Authentication

Jul 29, 2013 at 6:13 PM

Are displayed correctly all data, excepting when the authentication is "IEEE80211_SharedKey", which marks it as if it were "IEEE80211_Open" and of course, when connected, not create good profile and you can not make the connection.

Public Enum Dot11AuthAlgorithm As UInteger
    IEEE80211_Open = 1
    IEEE80211_SharedKey = 2
    IHV_Start = &H80000000UI
    RSNA = 6
    RSNA_PSK = 7
    WPA = 3
    WPA_None = 5
    WPA_PSK = 4
End Enum
A screenshot to make it clearer:


The network that I marked in orange, in "Authentication" should be a "2" as in other programs of this type if it is recognized as "IEEE80211_SharedKey".