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Virtual Adapter signal strength?

Mar 25, 2014 at 10:04 PM
I use Windows 7 Hosted Network to set up a SoftAP. Client phones connect to it. I'd like to obtain signal strength. But WLanClient.Interfaces does not include the Virtual WiFi Miniport Adapter - because WLanEnumInterfaces(), which it calls, doesn't. With WLanClient.Interfaces I can only obtain the underlying physical wifi adapter. But from that physical adapter I can not obtain signal strength because it is "not in the correct state" (the WlanQueryInterface() call returns an error to that effect; out on Network Connections the physical adapter shows Not connected while the virtual adapter is Connected).

Is there any way to obtain information on the Virtual WiFi adapter(s) through Managed Wifi?

Do you know a way to do what I need to do via another API?