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Vote Ambigious error for public object NotificationCode


When using ManagedWifi as a project within a solution, you will receive an ambigious error when you try to reference the public object NotificationCode in VB code. This is due to the declaration of these two items below and the fact that VB is case insensitive. To fix this easily, alter the definition of the object.

public int notificationCode;
public object NotificationCode

Example code in VB that throws the error:
Select Case DirectCast(notifyData.notificationCode, Wlan.WlanNotificationCodeMsm)

To rectify the situation, I changed the definition in Interop.cs from public object NotificationCode to:
public object NotificationCodeObj

Once done I rebuilt the ManagedWifi solution and my code in VB became this:
Select Case DirectCast(notifyData.notificationCodeObj, Wlan.WlanNotificationCodeMsm)