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Element not found

Aug 10, 2010 at 3:00 AM

Hi Guys!


I've been using this ManagedWifi API for atleast a couple of weeks ago and so far I've managed to cope up with some code functionalities. But not until I found this problem. Whenever the machine connects to a new router (with a WEP key) for the first time this error just appeared "Element not found" , but if you're gonna use the Windows' Wireless Network Connection of course it was able to connect and later I disconnected it. So I tried to run again the application that uses this ManagedWifi API and that's the time it works.

There is no problem with the application as long as the machine had previously connected with the router, However , the main concern here is that when the application/computer/windows connects FOR THE FIRST TIME TO A NEW ROUTER that's the time the error raises.

I guessed that it has something to do with window network passport, but I hope there's another solution for this without doing it manually.