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pb while connecting without a profile

Feb 17, 2009 at 2:02 PM
first of all thanks for your great API, that's nice to pick up some code like that.

I can connect to networks that have a profile with my Wlan interface.

But, I want to connect to networks I've never been connected to before, that is I think I have to connect without a profile.
Here are some of the lines of code I tried:
myInterface.Connect(Wlan.WlanConnectionMode.DiscoveryUnsecure, Wlan.Dot11BssType.Any, myNetwork.dot11Ssid, 0);
myInterface.Connect(Wlan.WlanConnectionMode.DiscoverySecure, Wlan.Dot11BssType.Infrastructure, myNetwork.dot11Ssid, 0);
with both secure and unsecure networks.

Any idea of what I made wrong?
Thanks a lot for your help